Advisory Purpose and Goal

Purpose: The purpose of advisory is to provide students with an opportunity to: 

• form bonds with students who have different experiences, interests, and ideas than their own 
• develop a trusting relationship with an adult in their school 
• support others within and outside of their community who may need their assistance
 • enhance their communication and interpersonal skills 
• freely express personal concerns, needs, and frustrations in a nonjudgmental environment 
• participate in the creation and achievement of common goals 
• build problem solving techniques • showcase their academic accomplishments and personal achievements 
• test in a comfortable environment (9th grade CAPT-like assessments and 10th grade CAPT) 
Goal: The goal of advisory is to create a community of students who: 

• respect and value diverse backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives 
• have a sense of self worth, purpose, and belonging 
• demonstrate integrity and virtue 
• have (and provide) a support system of peers and adults who can be easily accessed in time of need 
• see themselves playing a valuable role in the health and wellbeing of their community and the world 
• are able to identify problems and develop solutions